NeuroSpine Consulting is a recent initiative of PGP Consultants Corporation based in Ontario, Canada. Before incorporating the parent company formally, our Director Prof. Hillol Kanti Pal visited Afghanistan in January 2012, Yemen in June 2013, multiple visits to Addis Ababa and Lagos over 2013 to 2015 to study the needs and potential for helping patients in under served areas globally.

Prof. Hillol delivered two lectures at the Black Lion Hospital, Addis Ababa; the local teaching hospital for the training of neurosurgeons on 13th September 2013 on:

1. Minimal Access Skull Base Surgery
2. Spinal Tuberculosis- Role of instrumentation

The lectures were well received and modalities to work out a system to enable Prof. Hillol to visit the hospital on a regular basis for delivering lectures and conducting surgeries were explored.

Much of the infrastructure and human resource that we take for granted in Medicine is scarce in most under served regions globally. We noticed the lack of facilities particularly in tertiary healthcare facilities and determined to help these regions in a graded manner. We have been proactive in upgrading and bringing in Evidence Based Medicine in the Northern Emirates of the United Arab Emirates for the past 3 years.

NeuroSpine Consulting is in the process of joint collaborative efforts with major private and government institutions in Africa for the treatment of neurological disorders. If you do have a neurological diagnosis which would benefit from surgery and the same is feasible in a hospital having the requisite facilities near you, we will make it happen. If you have possible neurological symptoms and you live in a remote area of the world where access to specialists is limited, we may be able to help you.