A 54 year old gentleman slipped in the washroom and hurt his back and landed on the edge of the bathtub. He had excruciating back pain  and his MR imaging revealed a fracture of L1 vertebra but no instability.

VB 01

He lay in bed immobile but the wretched pain refused to go and worsened on any movement. One week later we decided to go in for an operative procedure called Vertebroplasty which basically means augmentation with Bone cement into the fracture site.

VB plasty 04

VB plasty 03

We found operatively that his bone was soft for his age.

VB Post Inj 01

VB Post Inj 02

He had immediate relief from pain following the procedure which was performed under General anesthesia.

Osteoporosis is a real issue even in men! Regular exercises amongst other strategies helps delay the process and had he not had this bone situation he might have prevented a fracture and healing would be faster