Are you unsure about your neurological diagnosis and want to understand what options- medical or surgical – exist?

Although most people feel that their doctor has planned the best treatment for them, some people may want a second opinion for a host of reasons which could be:

  • You may be unsure about your diagnosis
  • You may not be happy with your recommended treatment plan
  • You feel that your case requires someone with more specialized experience
  • You feel that your case requires a more specialized overseas center
  • You wonder whether your case can be treated in a center in the comforts of your own country

At NeuroSpine Consulting we offer access to the expert neurological opinions of our Consultants (Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Neuropathologists and Neuroradiologists) brought together as one point of contact for your convenience via an online consultation service at your registered email ID. To provide a more personalized care a Video call conference with our Consultant could be arranged should this facility be available in your home country. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing specialist, cutting-edge Evidence based care in neurological diseases. We are here to help.